Jun 18, 2009

God Provides

Hello Everyone,

I've spent the greater part of this week sick as a dog. My oldest son was the first to bring the sickness home. We had our monthly mother-son outing in which he gets to feel more like a grown up because he helps me shop in the store for what we need for the next thirty days or so. I try to make it a point to only go out for thing once a month because it's a 40 minute or so drive to Presque Isle which is where most of my shopping has to take place. So on these outings I purchase ridiculous quantities of Toilet paper, Paper towels, Dish soap, Cling Wrap, Tin Foil.... you get the picture.

My dear son didn't want to where a coat for much of this trip. Even though I was consistently nagging him to do so, and reminding him that he was going to get sick he deflected my comments by sighting the many other people out around us in there short sleeve shirts and even some in shorts despite the chilly 55 degrees outside. In my head I was thinking these people are from Maine born and raised they can go out in mid January in shorts and not get sick, you can't. But I kept my comments to myself and in the interest of enjoying the day with my son let the subject drop. Two days later I have a house full of sick children and I'm starting to feel sick myself. Four days later I no longer want to move and the remainder of the household is sick as well. My fault as much if not more than my son's needless to say it won't happen again.

As many of you know My husband quit his job a few months back and started a landscape and property maintenance business. We've been living on the edge ever since and I was starting to worry about the lack of calls coming in. I can honestly say that with this cold I had worrying about business was the last thing on my mind and as luck would have it God provides. We got some calls yesterday morning for various small jobs that would keep us afloat this month, and yesterday afternoon we got a call that we had won the bid to re roof 12 houses for the private boarding school in the area. That one job will give us two months of work and our wages for the year. Crisis averted, God is Good.

Another good bit of news we received yesterday is that we won a Moose permit in the Maine hunting lottery. There were two drawings this year one for local farmers due to crop damage which we got the permit from and a second drawing that will be held at the end of the summer. We are still entered in the second drawing and have a chance to get a second permit, and then we have our regular hunting licence that allows us to take a deer but that's not until Fall. This moose permit is for a hunt in August and my husband is so excited. He's never hunted moose before so this will be a real treat. I'm excited because should he get one the sheer size of the animal grantees that we are going to have enough meat to take us through the year, add to that a deer and our chickens and I won't have to do any meat shopping at all this year.

It's an exciting feeling to know that you can provide for your family. My husband made that comment to me last night, and in saying that I knew that we made the right decision to live this way. I know that he is proud of his ability to care for us, and that with the help of God all our dreams for Snowbound Farms will come true. So here we are all of us recovering from being sick, a little bit more secure in our future, and a little bit more self reliant than last week. God Bless.


  1. so sorry you all are sick! moose permit...have you ever eaten moose? so glad the biz is growing...you are so right about how God provides. we just have to trust. has your husband networked with any real estate agents? seems like they could help him out and it is always good to know a good construction person!

  2. We had Moose last year when a lucky neighbor won a permit and gave us a few steaks. It was very good but then again I'm a big fan of venison and it's just not for everyone. My husband is a carpenter too, he's kind of a jack of all trades type of guy. We have been looking into networking with local building supply companies and relators. I was even thinking of leaving some cards with the local banks because of all the foreclosures... Someone has to clean them up and maintain them, right? Thank you for the suggestions!