Jun 16, 2009

Mountain of Cans

So the canning has happened, finally! Every year I think to myself Oh I can do this in a day or two, no big deal, right? Wrong. It takes a couple days and some serious patience to keep the kids out of the kitchen and happy, stop all work to make three square meals a day, and generally take care of all other chores in the house as well. This is where I'd like to stop a say a great big thank you to my wonderful husband who had two sick children all weekend and a teething baby to boot. Thank You, Honey!

After four days of this the fruit is jammed and canned. I did some syrups, cut fruits, jellies, and pie mixes. Now the only thing left to do is post the recipes with the pictures on the website. It takes a while to upload pictures, and now thanks to my children I too have a cold so please bear with me on the recipes and give me till the weekend to have them all uploaded. I will however share a photo with you of my kitchen counter now that I'm done.

I know it's a lot of cans, but truthfully it's just the beginning. We put up enough food for all of us to eat for a year and there's six of us. So you'll be hearing a lot about canning in the upcoming months. In other news the chickens are doing great and I thought I'd share a picture of my white silkie next to my husbands white rock. There both really pretty birds and I'm happy we got both breeds instead of just the one. Funny how this worked out that way.

Our gardens doing well, from this picture you can't see much but you can see our makeshift garden stakes a trellises for our beans, peas, and tomatoes. After I recover from my sickness I'll set out the tomatoes now that the danger of frost has past. The only thing to show you that's starting to come up in the garden is our potatoes, and here's a picture of one of them as well.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the day! Check the website this weekend I promise all the canning recipes will be there. God Bless!

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  1. wow, you are such a pro! i am really looking forward in reading your recipes for pie fillings. do you do blackberry? i thought i was doing well last year with 50+ cans of bean and a few of salsa and a few of pickles! looking forward in reading more!!!