Nov 25, 2009

Eggs... It's What's for Dinner?

Hello All,

Don't they look harmless? Picturesque? But once they all start laying at the same time what does one do with all those eggs?

What came first? The chicken or the Egg? Well on our farm it was definitely the chickens and now It's the EGGS. Now that the Chickens are in full production Eggs are a staple at just about every meal. Eggs; poached, scrambled, fried, hard boiled and soft have graced our table for breakfast over the last two weeks daily. For dinners we've had egg salad sandwiches, and egg and potato salad. For supper one night this week we've even had a quiche. along with countless recipes that require eggs as an ingredient like meatloaf, french toast, and dinner tarts.

Yes sir folks this is a picture of my vegetable bin in my refrigerator FILLED with eggs, and I have yet to collect for today. So the plan is Tomorrow for Thanksgiving I'm going to add some new seasonal additions to the menu. Deviled eggs, custard, and a souffle or two will be gracing the table along with the traditional turkey and dressing. I plan to post my EGGcellent recipes on the web page over the course of the next week, and if anyone has any suggestions on what to do with all these eggs please feel free to share. I'll leave you now with some frosty pictures of our farm.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. God Bless.


  1. omg! so mnany eggs! i guess you could make quiche and freeze it...give some away to needy folks...hmmm...lemon merangue pie requires a lot of eggs...or you could send us some! :~)

  2. Thanks for the idea to freeze the quiche. It seems so obvious and yet I'd never have thought of it. As for giving eggs to the needy we did just that. On Thanksgiving Day we gave away 6 dozen eggs to various friends and neighbors. I hope you had a good Holiday.