Jun 2, 2009

Productive Week

Hello Again,

We had quite a week here on the farm. The rain finally let up enough for us to get some of our spring time chores done. My husband continued to work on our chicken coop, which I've now lovingly nick named "chicken mansion". Nothing we ever do can be small and simple and our chicken coop is a testament to that. Our White rocks are getting to big for the Tupperware bin that they are now residing in and I was hopping to get them out into the coop this week but alas, the coop is not finished so they will have to endure cramped quarters for one more week. Our Silkie Bantams are still too small to go out to the coop so when the Rocks go outside they will remain inside with plenty of room to grow.

We were able to get the garden tilled last week. Since we do not have equipment to do it ourselves we have to hire out to a neighbor to till the garden for us. He came and in a few short hours we had the ground turned over and ready for plowing. Then later in the week my husband took our riding mower and attached the makeshift plow our farming neighbor made for us. It works very well even though we can only make one row at a time but let me tell you it beats the heck out of doing it by hand like last year. We saved a lot of time doing the garden by machine this year so I won't be so rushed with the planting. This week I'm hopeing to get my potatoe and onion sets in, if the weather cooperates.

We also got two plants of rhubarb from my husband's work friends and we split them up... they were absolutely huge... and planted them in their very own permanent bed. The result is our farm road going between the main garden and the chicken coop area and driving along the rhubarb beds. When the fences are up it should be aesthetically pleasing and very functional, which is what we were going for. All in all it's been a very productive week, and with any luck next week I'll be telling you all about our finished chicken coop. I will however start posting some of the pictures of the building process under the Chicken Photo Album, feel free to check them out.

Have a good week,

God Bless.

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