Jun 2, 2009

Of Tag Sales and Kids

Hello All,

I thought the best way to start the Family posts was to introduce you to my children one by one and to tell you a little about our weekend so here goes. This weekend was the annual Caribou City Wide tag Sale. This is a sale where the town puts out a map listing directions and a brief description of items that will be found at homeowners tag sales all across the are on this one weekend. Just how anyone could pass up an opportunity like that I don't know. So I dragged my husband, and my three children out of the house at 6:30 in the morning to go treasure hunting as I like to call it.

We had a pretty good day. My oldest son Vincent who is 8 got 5 pairs of jeans, 30 or so new chapter books, and a new toy pistol. Here he is with our neighbor playing war. Vincent is the younger child playing the victim. while I'm personally not crazy about this form of "playing", I got the "boys will be boys" speech from Steve so I decided to smile and go with it. Of course the boys were only to happy to pose for the picture.

My middle son Victor is 2 years old and he walked away from the tag sales with 105 various children' s books, they were selling them by the bundle of 15 books for 50 cents, so of course I couldn't help myself. He also got a toy tractor to play with outside. Here's a picture of Victor playing with his toy Hummer in the yard.

My third child Garnet Rose is 9mths old and she got the most beautiful cloths I've ever seen. Two big trash bags full of brand name baby and toddler clothes for $35.00. I won't have to buy anything but shoes and coats until she's 4 years old... my best deal of the day I think. This is a picture of my first girl Garnet Rose.

As for me I got a few DvD's for the family, and a couple glass cutting boards. I've found you can never have to many cutting boards.My husband Steve bought a rototiller for our gardens, and while it won't do our large fields we at least can do the market garden next year without hiring it out again. And even though I do not need it right now, I found a beautiful wooden cradle. Steve and I both want more children in the future so it wasn't a hard sell for him to buy it for me. I am so happy to be able to own something so special that can be used not only for my children but also for my future grandchildren, after all isn't that what life's all about? The continuous circle of friends and family? So that's the whole gang.. so far. We feel God has blessed us abundantly and we thank him for all that we are and all that we have.

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