Jun 22, 2009

July Looks Fair

Hello Everyone,

The weathers getting warmer, the grass is getting greener. The birds, bees and bugs have graced us with their presence for yet another year. In town the people are running around in their short shorts and belly shirts. Kids of all ages are tramping around with ice cream cones and water guns. Summer is upon us, and enjoyment abounds. With the onset of July, fireworks can be expected and already the neighbors have begun practicing their festivities for the day, but when I think July I think Fairs.

This years round of fairs are shaping up quite good. I love Fairs ever since I was a kid I would try to go to each and everyone in the area. There isn't a better time to be had for a cheaper price than bring the kids to the fair. Carnival rides are of course my eldest's favorite. My middle child loves the barn animals. Only time will tell what my youngest enjoys the most. My husband likes the tractors and equipment, and I love the demonstrations.

Any demonstration really. It can be for selling a product like they do at the really big fairs or showing how to make cheese at the town fair, doesn't matter to me. I always like to learn something new or a better way to doing something I already knew. My favorite demonstrations are the spinning classes or the quilting bees. In these small groups are people who are trying to teach their skills. Skills that are a dying art of days long past, and I feel it's a duty to keep these skills alive and pass them on to future generations.

This year we have a list of fairs to go to in the area. Starting this weekend is a horse fair in Mapleton, Maine called the Maple Meadow Farm Festival. We will of course be attending and I will post pictures next week. Then for Fourth of July weekend there is the Houlton Agricultural Fair in Houlton, Maine who's high light of events is a concert staring American Idol Contestant Josh Gracin among the usual agriculture fair agenda.

There is the Potato Blossom Festival that is held in Fort Fairfield every year that embodies the true spirit of agriculture here in Northern Maine because as many of you know you can't get more Maine than a potato, and the Strawberry Short cake Festival in Limestone. There's the Centennial Parade and Pig Roast in Portage lake where the snowmobile club is going to host a motorcycle rodeo, and the County Gospel Music Festival in Fort Fairfield in early July. The Northern Maine Fair in Presque Isle touts itself to be a family affair worth going to , and
the Crown of Maine Balloon Festival is always something to behold at the end of August.

We plan to take a trip to Connecticut this fall with the kids so they can spend sometime with our extended familiesl. While we're down in that neck of the woods I intend to take them to the Big Eastern States Exhibition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. It is a fair that I went to every year with my family growing up in Connecticut and it is the largest fair I've ever seen. My eldest son has gone to it twice in his life but it will be the first time all the children get to attend and I imagine it will be a time to remember for sure. Also while we're in Connecticut I intend to attend the Riverton Fair. It's a tiny little town fair but I have fond memories of it since I grew up in the town next door to Riverton, Connecticut.

So that's the plan for entertainment off the farm this summer. I hope everyone is making plans for a great eventful summer out in your area. I feel summer is meant to be enjoyed and shouldn't be all about work whether your on a farm or not, and that there's always plenty of local entertainment right in your area that can be taken advantage of.

Happy planning and God Bless!

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