Jun 30, 2009

Horses, Cows, and Kids

Hello All,

Last week went well. It's rained almost everyday, so the plants in my garden are very happy. Unfortunately so are the weeds, and with no break in the weather yet that means there's going to be a lot of work on the first sunny day. Everything has started growing well with the exception of my green beans. A few plants started up but many are oddly missing. I imagine it's do to the excess of rain since the seeds will not germinate in soggy ground but will instead rot. If this happens to be the case than I will have to replant some green beans in a week or two depending on the weather. Here is a picture of my potato field so far. As you can see they are enjoying the water very much.

The Mapleton Farm Festival was a lot of fun even though the weather didn't cooperate. We ran between rain drops for the most part from tent to tent. There were a lot of vender's there doing demonstrations of all sorts of things, and many of the demonstrators where in olden day costumes to liven up the atmosphere. There was a demonstration on making soap, and one on candles. One on carving wood, and another on making maple syrup. There was a large demonstration on cleaning, carding, and spinning wool, and they had a farrier there explaining and showing the finer points of trimming hoofs and shoeing horses.

When I say horses I'm not talking about your average riding horses with the spindly legs and prancing gait. I'm talking about horses that for lack of a better term are monsters. As you can see in this picture this women is about 5'4'', and she isn't even as tall as these horses back, let alone their head. They had to be an easy 7' tall. I find then frightening and absolutely beautiful all at the same time. Steve is excited about training with them before we acquire some of our own, and I am pleased he's going to work with some horses before we buy some myself. I've worked with horses before and road horses for a couple years during my childhood, but nothing as large or ominous as Draft horses, so the refresher course is warranted.

Also at the fair was a friend of mine Natalia Bragg of Knot II Bragg Farm. If any of you are interested in herbal healing and apocrathy you can't get better than Natalia. She comes from six generations of healing women in here family and continues her families traditions today. Her website is lovely and she's an all around down to earth person you can ask questions of who will not talk over you but actually to you, if you know what I mean.

We saw one farm that had a demonstration of their Scottish Highland Cattle. They had beautiful representations of the breed, and in the future when we start to develop our own herd, I assure you I'll be visiting their farm. Here's a nice picture of one mother with her baby, and some other random pictures of the fair.

This weekend is The Fourth of July so we will once again be out and about enjoying the local area outside of our farm. I hope everyone enjoys their week and has a good time for the holiday.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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